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As a small auditing firm providing a professional service is imperative and being able to undertake audits efficiently, means being able to build a larger client portfolio. This is exactly what S Lumba and Company have seen since they started using CaseWare. Silas Lumba, owner of S Lumba and Company says: “We previously used Excel spreadsheets for financial statements, but the challenges here were to ensure that all the financials balanced in order to undertake an audit, also if an error was found, it would have to be manually checked and redone before the audit could commence – which became very time consuming.”


As a result, S Lumba and Company were looking for a solution that would work for them and started investigating various options. “I liked what I saw after a CaseWare demonstration and decided to invest in it,” said Lumba. The company initially bought 2 licences and 5 months later added an additional licence due to satisfaction with the solution. Adds Lumba: “I realised my juniors also needed it to ensure they were able to work professionally with the solution in my absence – and I haven’t been disappointed yet. In fact, CaseWare has definitely turned my business around – as it provides confidence that the audits are being done professionally, accurately and accordingly to compliance standards.

What’s more, I am able to review client files even when on international business travels, meaning no loss of productivity.” S Lumba and Company are due to have a monitoring review by local profession body ZICA and want to ensure they have all their work on CaseWare before the monitoring process begins. Lumba is confident they won’t be disappointed when they come.

“The solution answered my needs,” adds Lumba. “It is such a professional solution that I am able to undertake audits of any size, provide quicker turnaround times on preparing financials, and prepare quicker cleaner audits. Additionally, it enables me to mitigate risks by being able to consider the risk factors in detail when working on projects. It’s a solution built for you.

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