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The financial sector is rapidly shifting. As technologies such as cloud, analytics, virtualisation and others continue to advance, financial departments are seeing incumbent processes, functions, and operations at large, change on a fundamental level. Also, pressure from clients for faster turnarounds and a demand for increased value from accounting practices is further driving the pace at which companies are seeking out new innovations.


Fortunately, software platforms, such as CaseWare, are leading the way in provisioning reliable, high-quality and transparent auditing and financial statement software. With CaseWare, functions such as auditing and the issuance of financial statements are becoming increasingly automated processes. The software offers a wide array of benefits. Let’s take a look at a few.


Simply put, CaseWare is the undisputed leader when it comes to compliance. Whether it’s IPSAS Accrual or IPSAS Cash and Cash Modified, IFRS , IFRS for SME or virtually any other financial standard, the product is 100% trusted to ensure that your work is fully compliant. Our team of local and international experts continually update the software in line with new disclosures, guaranteeing total compliance, each time.

Navigating the compliance minefield can be confusing and easily get away from you in the absence of streamlined and transparent processes – or an application platform that facilitates these elements. Without CaseWare, care needs to be taken to stay on top of the latest updates – which occur frequently. You also need to ensure regular training takes place so that all concerned parties are up to speed. CaseWare eliminates the need for this, greatly simplifying your work and allowing you to focus your energies and resources more efficiently.


CaseWare has been successfully automating compliant financial statements for the public sector for over ten years. The software allows work to be completed more accurately and with less risk. The manual use of complicated spreadsheets is a high-risk operation due to the frequency and ease at which errors occur. With CaseWare, the margin for error is exponentially reduced – built-in validation systems detect any discrepancies and bring them to your attention to be corrected.

Automation also allows work to be completed faster and more efficiently. CaseWare drastically cuts down time on the drafting of financial statements, and also ensures that they are correctly formatted. Overall, it makes workflow a lot easier.

International recognition

Used in 130 countries, CaseWare is internationally recognised, with a reputation that speaks for itself. The company has over 20 years of experience, and the software is highly regarded by accounting and other financial services businesses. An impressive three out of four audit entities choose CaseWare. Check out a few of our success stories here.

The software has bolstered the efficiency and productivity of countless entities, large and small, over the years and will continue to be a leader in the market going forward. We boast 18 000 users on the African continent and have a focus on growing that figure in the years to come with new and innovative auditing solutions for the market across the continent.

Support and training

To ensure our customers get the most out of our solutions, CaseWare includes comprehensive support and training services. Visit our support page for a comprehensive Knowledge Base, which can be searched for particular queries. Many answers to queries can be found in the useful articles available also. Or reach us through our online channel – you can fill in a secure form on the CaseWare website and a technical support assistant will revert to you as soon as they can.

Training is provided to ensure that you get the most out of CaseWare. Our team travels around Africa, up-skilling users and making sure that our partners are able to do so too. Specialised training can also be arranged – simply contact us through anyone of our channels.

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